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Herd the cats back into their bed within the time limit! The cats will avoid you so do your best to chase them in! Set in Ancient Egypt where cats are everywhere!

Originally the player character is meant to be Bastet the Egyptian Goddess of Cats but she didn't make it into the game in time! Similarly we intended 4 cat types but it's still a fun little game that we're very proud of!

Updated 28 days ago
Tags3D, Top-Down, Unreal Engine


CatsOutTheBag.zip 432 MB


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Since it hasn't been said yet due to time constraints when making the menu I forgot to make the mouse visible, it's still there it's just hidden. And 2-player isn't set up but you can still play with another player in 1-player mode by adding a controller

I downloaded this game to give it a go but I get an error when trying to run the .exe! :( 

It was still great to see it in progress and in action!